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Every year, we look forward to the summary report of WeAreSocial that contains a digital report and comprehensive summary of the past year.

This report is what digital entrepreneurs, business owners, and marketing professionals look forward to in order to justify their projects and efforts done in the online channels for their brands and organizations.

The 2020 report is gathered from the 2019 data summary published by WeAreSocial called the Digital 2020: Global Digital Overview. Head on over to the page to see the whole slide of 247 pages that contains every information you need for a global overview.

For us in the Philippines, I have summarized the slides that we can use as reference in order to gauge our consumption and use of digital, social, mobile, and ecommerce. Below is the summary slides of the 2020 STATE OF DIGITAL, SOCIAL MEDIA, MOBILE, & ECOMMERCE IN THE PHILIPPINES.

Top 5 notable information about the average Filipino internet user:

  1. Filipinos are still the most ‘social’ people on the planet.
  2. Filipinos spend 9 hours and 45 minutes online with 4 hours on social media.
  3. 67% of Filipino internet users are concerned about data privacy.
  4. 69% of Filipino internet users use a subscription service to watch TV content.
  5. 76% of Filipino internet users buy something online per month.

FULL PDF Report below:


If you have questions on any of these or want to debate and discuss, please feel free to send me a message on Facebook or email. 

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