3 Incredible Things Social Media Managers Do Every Day

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What is a common picture in many companies is the rush of to meet a client, the tension to finish a report and the pressure to produce an effective meeting. Somewhere in the corner of this picture are your social media managers whose attention is bent on various devices doing a lot of things in one sitting, including planning campaigns like an expert marketing professional would do, answering emails and messages like a well-trained customer service representative and analyzing online results and learning from best practices like a boss.
Because of the intricacies of social media management, many wise companies opt to outsource a digital marketing agency like Third Team Media to perform such an important task that, upon closer look, is integral to almost every aspect of their business, such reputation, branding, human resource management, marketing, sales, promotions, and corporate social responsibility programs, among others. In our experience, the decision to outsource often come from the fact that many skills are required to becom3e a social media manager who can produce very satisfactory results.
By results, we mean the accomplishment of your annual targets and long-term goals. To see this happen, social media managers, who are playing important roles in the digital landscape that is getting crucial to business success by the day, are doing things that, when you add them up, can spell a big difference in your growth.
These things include:
Monitor, analyze and do something about it
Who is your audience? What is the performance of the social media channels before your manager came into the picture? Which channels are best suited for your purpose? Have you checked your competitors’ Facebook pages?
These are just some of the many questions that will plague a social media manager before handling any channel. Answers to these can be supported with facts and figures that can be acquired from various tools in order for the same person to get the big picture.

Because of the intricacies of social media management, many wise companies opt to outsource a digital marketing agency like Third Team Media to perform such an important task that, upon closer look, is integral to almost every aspect of their business.

This is important in determining the strong points and weak spots of the company’s overall social media management. The manager can maintain the strong points and elevate them to best practices. He can also plan well in order to address the weak spots and transform them into something beneficial for the business.
The plan, which the social media manager will also execute and/or delegate with him at the helm of the project, can cover scientific experiments and campaigns for each part of the marketing funnel.
Window Characters-04Create and share content
Social media managers are creative and capable of creating content that ignites curiosity and inspires people to like or follow the company’s social media channels or interact with the posts. It is important the he knows the languages used by the target audience to communicate. Understanding the importance of design, messaging and positioning in each social media channel of the company, he also spends extra time to be meticulous of copies down to the commas, apostrophes.
Connect with the audience
We see social media managers as your company’s direct customer service representative, catering exclusively to active online users. Especially for campaigns, questions, feedback and even complaints can come in hordes everyday. Social media managers maintain a certain calm, nurture the desire to solve your customers’ concerns and exercise his ability to communicate clearly.
Despite the exciting pressure of planning, content creation, content curation, monitoring and analyzing, social media managers are able to stay alert, remember the key messages and coordinate with the bosses, if it means to help a customer with his problem that concerns your company. The way a manager executes its role as a customer service representative can either make your business look bad or create rippling effects of positivity.
Here’s a video of about our one of our social media managers. She is Joanna Pearl, a digital marketer at Third Team Media.

“Silent people have the loudest mind” — this quote best describes our Junior Digital Marketer, Joanna Pearl. She can do her tasks swiftly and quietly as the wind, but efficiently like a German too! She is a great team support who loves K-pop as much as she loves her 5 house dogs and is always down for a kimchi-themed dinner. <3 Keep being awesome J-Pop!

Posted by Third Team Media on Thursday, 12 November 2015

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