[EVENT] E-Commerce Entrepreneurs Summit Cebu – June 6, 2020 – Golden Prince Hotel & Suites

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The E-Commerce Entrepreneurs Summit Cebu summit theme focuses on “E-Commerce Growth, Opportunities, & Challenges”. Our e-commerce economy went through tough challenges in 2018 and have seen improvements since.

With various initiatives coming into play from the government and private sector, e-commerce is growing in diverse fields and expected to impact the country’s gross domestic product at an increasing and faster rate in the next 5 years.

Summit Details
Name: Ecommerce Entrepreneurs Summit Cebu
Date: June 6, 2020, Saturday
Venue: Golden Prince Hotel and Suites


We have 6 sponsorship slots available. Materials and mentions of the summit have already started in circulation. Here is our event page: http://bit.ly/ecomsummitcebu

This event’s main organizer is Ms. Janette Toral, known as the mother of E-Commerce in the Philippines and she is bringing other known speakers in and around VisMin to provide local eCommerce success in the summit.

We had two runs for this summit in the past years and were all successful. The audience this year would be perfect for managers, entrepreneurs, and ecommerce enthusiasts.

Here’s the initial topic line-up although it may still be subject to change.

I. The State of E-Commerce in the Philippines
II. E-Commerce Growth & Opportunities in Retail Sector
III. E-Payment & Fulfillment Growth & Opportunities
IV. E-Commerce Growth & Opportunities in the Manufacturing Sector
IV. E-Commerce Growth & Opportunities in Services Sector
VI. E-Commerce & Social Media Marketing Growth & Opportunities
V. Freelancers Niching in the E-Commerce Space: Growth & Opportunities

Ready to signup? Visit here: http://bit.ly/ecomsummitcebu

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