Loading your online shopping cart: A look at emerging online stores in the Philippines

Loading Your Online Shopping Cart: A Look at Emerging Online Stores in the Philippines

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In a multitasking digital age, finding the right thing, at the right price, in the shortest possible time is beyond priceless. With time and convenience as gold, online shopping has now become the go-to place for the modern day multi-tasker.
Getting that perfect skirt for a party, a smartphone for a tight budget or a unique ethnic necklace— become less a task and more an experience as the online marketplace grows in size and variety. Even the most choosy of shoppers need not sweat as online stores become more sophisticated and personalized.
Selling your products has also become easier and more convenient, even safe, with the services being provided by emerging e-commerce platforms, to get your goods to your waiting customers.
Here’s a rundown of some of the new shops on the block.

The best deals in town

Lamido.com.ph by Lazada boasts of best deals for the Filipino shoppers who want to get the most out of their hard-earned pesos. You can browse by category and find the products that work for you. Brand-new and used items are available at fixed prices. For those who enjoy bidding and the rush of a well-fought price war, auction-priced goodies are also up for grabs.
online shopping
online shopping
The discount-happy consumer can get one’s fix as “millions of deals” are being offered all-year round. No need to wait for the holiday sales and price-offs to make way for your must-haves, even from a tight pocket.
For those who want to make money out of items lying in the garage or homemade crafts done in your living room, this third-party marketplace also provides even the newbie sellers with a step-by-step guide in setting up camp for your products, without the additional fees of a middleman.
Lamido.com.ph is owned by Rocket Internet.

Shops around the corner

If you are looking for a more personalized shopping experience, theshop.ph and zillion.ph have the benefits of a personal shopper, minus the extra fee.
online shopping
online shopping
Shop.ph aims to provide a “seamless shopping experience” for the retail buyer, as well as a “robust online selling platform for small and medium enterprises.”  Stocks at theshop.ph are deemed to be quality items from the top merchants in the country. The company puts emphasis on product selection and availability, on top of their “unmatched nationwide delivery system.”
Tailor-fitting the needs of consumers and businesses are priorities apparently for theshop.ph, with customer satisfaction and professional sales expertise as their resources. The site advocates for locally-sourced items, providing a venue for home-grown businesses to showcase their products.
Zillion.ph, on the other hand, boasts of free nationwide shipping for orders Php 2,000 and up, nationwide delivery in one to seven days, seven-day return and exchange policy, recommendations from editors, and above all, variety. Zillion.ph offers an extensive selection of just about anything you love.
Both stores remind us of the defunct Multiply.com. They are also both LovableCommerce.com Corp. sites.

The pursuit of Happy-ness

What would make you happy today?
Happy.ph does ask you that up front. It gives you the pause you usually experience when you are about to post a status update on your Facebook account. Seeking for “happiness” items is virtually done from the start, as the store does the searching for you.
online shopping
online shopping
While the shop fixes your shopping-happy compulsions with the variety of items available, the e-commerce platform caters also to the budding entrepreneurs who want to get their products out of their personal factories and into the worldwide market-web of customers.
The requirements for setting up shop are quite simple and easy to accomplish. The first Php 10,000 worth of transactions is free of fees and you can choose to subscribe afterwards to a premium plan of Php 850 a month. The site offers a guide on how to manage your shop – from the design of your store, to product inventory, mailing lists and order notifications.  At happy.ph, you can apparently find your own happiness and make someone happy as well.
Happy.ph is a brand of Infinite.ly, the flagship brand of Socialinfinity, Inc. that was founded by Luis Buenaventura, with the support of Winston Damarillo and Exist Global.


The whole dynamics of the online marketplace is as robust as the demand for an easier, faster and more interactive shopping experience. E-commerce platforms are fast becoming less intimidating and in fact, providing more freedom for businesses and consumers.
Ticking the items off a shopping list becomes as easy as a click of a button. Window shopping can be done right in the comfort of your home–no need to shower and shave. No lines at the counter and especially no need to worry about gas and taxi fares.
Getting exactly what you need and want has never been this breezy.
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