Are you creating optimized content for your website?

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Optimizing content is considered as one of the hardest tasks in search engine marketing. It has become such a big deal for every marketer who wants to cause traffic and earn money at the same time.
You see, regular content is different from optimized content. Optimized content is to have content that is great for both people and search engines. The content should include effective keywords, headings, links and other contributing factors.
On the other hand, regular content are obviously just regular. It does not aim to be on top of the search engine. Well-written content with effective keywords is what makes all the difference between regular content and optimized content when it comes to search engines.
Most of the marketers nowadays want their site on top of the search engine but they seldom post optimized content. Ironic, isn’t? If you are to ask yourself, when was the last time you posted an epic optimized content?
First, you have to know what kind of engagement you offer to the readers. It could:

  • Educate

In this time dominated by online activity, most people practically run to search engines to seek for help. These usually involve asking questions for enlightenment. In order to educate, you have to make sure that the content you produce will satisfy the reader’s need to know about a particular topic. This may involve hard facts and knowledge-sharing for serious and important purposes.

  • Entertain

If your company is leaning more on the amusement side, produce content that has a light approach to subjects that may be related to food, fashion, interior designing, housing activities and other topics. Oftentimes, these topics deal with the lifestyle of your readers and promote living a healthy and desirable life.

  • Inspire

Some marketers industriously come up with content that are intended to conjure an action or motivate readers to pursue what they yearn for. Others aim to influence their readers to adopt a new idea.

  • Inform

Marketers are well-versed with informing readers, as it is the very core of their work. To inform is to make known the topic or the information that the marketer wishes to be circulated. However, to create an optimized content that informs entails securing specific and effective keywords, heading and links, among others.

  • Convert  

Online content exists for the readers. It is there solely to attract their attention and gain their trust for a loyal readership. However, some marketers do not just settle on maintaining readership; some aim to invoke a change in the perspective of their readers. If you wish to create content with the same purpose, then you have to be persuasive enough to stimulate your reader’s change of heart. Content becomes a waste of time unless it leads to converting them to customers.
Second, you need to be aware of the different types of media you will use and consider:

  • Text

Ensure that, among others, your target persona is taken seriously, after choosing the tone and voice for producing this type of content.

  • Images

Images are powerful. They help the reader stabilize her visual imaginations conjured by the textual content. On search engines, there is a image search option, which goes to show the preference of online users for visual.

  • Videos

Some readers may find reading long form posts intimidating and time-consuming. In order to avoid this, other media options may be taken into consideration. Videos can become substitutes for lengthy texts. Not only will they support your story, they will also be visually appealing to your readers.

  • Tunes

Choosing the right kind of music to use needs a lot of precision and discernment, especially when it needs to contribute to and stabilize the aesthetic feel of your website or your topic. A wrong choice will sabotage the entire presentation. Tunes may also be used as background of videos.
Next, you need to have an access for the readers to share your content:

  • Social networking sites

Many of us are online now. People are leaning towards faster and progressive service that is why it is undeniable that the online media attracts netizens by the minute. This is the reason why providing access for your readers through social networking sites will invoke a faster circulation for your content.

  • Emails

Subscribers should be given the privilege to be notified when a new content is available through email. Emails do not only compose messages or receive replies; they allow for messages to be forwarded. When this function is used by your readers to share your content, it will not just encourage circulation, it may appeal potential subscribers as well.

  • Mobile

Everyone can go online through their mobile phones now. Your website has to be visually appealing for the readers even on a mobile screen. In order for this to be possible, you have to format your website according to the specific screen sizes mobile phones and other gadgets have now.
Fourth, you need to have a strategy on optimizing content:

  • Reading and viewing

This is a well optimized structure for easy and quick reading. Make sure to check on the words you used and how you delivered the sentences in order to create a convenient readership experience for your online visitors.

  • Search engines

Use at least 25 key phrases that customers will use to find you in a Google search or other search engines. Images may be added to your content so that keywords will also be effective in an image search engine.

  • Traffic

Learn about making a great headline that can compel readers to hit the share buttons. Once your content will be successfully shared, possible readers may flock in. After all, traffic is one of the goals of optimizing content.

  • Conversion

Once sharing and attracting more online visitors have been accomplished, gaining their trust and loyalty comes next. A consistent production of credible and well-written content will ensure the conversion of these readers into subscribers and buyers.
Lastly, you have to check and follow up on the content you’ve posted. While checking on your content posted, you must question yourself:

  • What content received the most visits?
  • Which keywords are most successful in generating relevant keyword visits?
  • Which content are effective at compelling visitors to bite and share?

If you want to learn more about optimized content, take the opportunity to avail of a free 30-minute consultation with us today!

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