What to look for when outsourcing a digital marketing agency in 2016

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Communicating your brand promise online, especially on social media, can be expressed in different ways. You can sing your existing and potential clients a catchy song, shower them with flowers and chocolates (that is, promos) and promise them the moon and the stars. But if you are communicating your brand and your brand promise the wrong way (it is really possible, you know), you might lose your chance of getting your target audiences’ sweet “yes”.
You wouldn’t want to waste your energy and resources over mishandled social media marketing, would you? There is one recommendable way to avoid this: Outsource a professional digital marketing agency (like Third Team Media) that knows what they are doing and what you need to communicate to your target markets.
Also, when you outsource a digital marketing agency, you will get to focus more on developing your brand. This means you will get to save half of the cost of hiring and training more full-time workers.
So yes, for 2016, consider outsourcing a digital marketing agency that will strategically work with you in expressing your brand promise on social media, make an unforgettable impression on thousands of new and potential customers and leverage social media to boost your brand in the new year. This is what a digital marketing agency does best—wooing and communicating online effectively and efficiently for you.
The question now is: What should you look for when outsourcing a digital marketing agency?
A wicked team that gets stuff done
One of the tough problems brands face with digital marketing is the lack of time. Juggling so many operational and administrative responsibilities makes digital marketing the least of your concern. In effect, this means that there would be no enough time for you to strategize a concept that will echo your brand online.
This is why you should outsource a wicked digital marketing agency.
When you do, you could echo your brand’s goals, objectives and expectations to the agency and the agency will get things done for you.
A digital marketing agency must comprise of flexible, dedicated and expert individuals who put first your brand’s needs. They conceptualize effective strategies in line with your brand’s goals and objectives and execute them efficiently.
A team who is collaborative
You need a team who can help you achieve synergy through the skills and ideas of all participants, whether a team mate or customer, and a team whose personal success is realized through team achievements.
Through collaboration, this team strives for win-win solutions to issues and problems.
One of the things you should look for when you outsource a digital marketing agency is the agency’s awards. When an agency receives awards, this just means that they are credible, reliable and can be trusted.
You can entrust your company to the hands of these experts. No need for you to wake up in the middle of the night thinking of what will happen to your company online.
A customer-oriented digital marketing agency, a team that gives importance to your happiness, is also another thing you need to look for.
The agency must be a group of individuals who create value for customers, establish long term relationships, set extraordinary expectations and goals, and believe in the joy of achieving significant results.
Moreover, it must be a team that embraces creativity, risk taking and continuous improvement, which enable them to make and meet aggressive commitments.
Works beyond every client’s expectations
Another important thing you should look for when you outsource a digital agency is the attitude of working beyond customer’s expectations.
The agency must be a group of individuals who strive for every project to be delivered and for every task to be completed.
Outsourcing a digital marketing company is never a bad idea. You might want to consider including this in your company’s 2016 marketing plan.
Check out Third Team Media, an award-winning social media and digital marketing agency, and learn how we can help you increase your brand’s visibility online. Start by availing our free 30-minute consultation today.

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