Pinoy Google Zeitgeist: Here’s to 2013

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In 2013, the world search for new beginnings, new frontiers, courage, love, goodbyes. Google published its yearly Zeitgeist and it shows us a cool overview of the trending searches worldwide.

Google Asia Pacific blog showed regional terms terms as the top searches from Asia Pacific in its blog post.

  • Asia searches for Asia’s technology
  • From disasters to data
  • Serious politics
  • Pop culture: Gwiyomi and Attack on Titan

Malaysia focused on elections and border incident. Indonesia on Line chat app and Tegar. Thailand on hit songs. China on apps, fastfood and TV. Singapore on the haze, Harlem Shake, and Giyomi. India on Cricket and Bollywood (of course) and GATE 2013. Taiwan on TV sporting and drama events, military scandal, and weather. HongKong on Japan influences. Japan on TV shows. Korea on PSY’s hits and TV dramas and a political sex scandal.
Meanwhile, here’s what the Filipinos searched for in 2013.

  • Typhoon Yolanda
  • Paul Walker – The death of the “Fast and the Furious” star
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 – Samsung’s new phone
  • Onehitcf – A gaming site
  • Camera 360 – The China-made app that launched in 2010 became a big hit in the Philippines in 2013
  • Pal Express – PH airline – A Philippine airline takes off
  • Neri Naig – A starlet with a scandalous tape
  • Miss Universe 2013 – Miss Philippines came third in an event that’s always closely watched in the Philippines
  • EB Babe Yosh – The other big sex-tape scandal
  • IPhone 5s – The Philippines searched for Apple’s premium model more than the cheaper iPhone 5C.

Aside from Korea, it seems like we’re the country having the same type of scandal.
We’ve provided an infographic below to make it more visual for you.

Pinoy Google Zeitgeist 2013

Pinoy Google Zeitgeist 2013