With our integrated, strategic approach to delivering audience growth, consistently high levels of engagement, increased positive sentiment and commercial value for our clients through our solution-based product packages, we are no doubt positioned to be the leading specialist in social media and digital marketing in the island of Cebu and the rest of the Philippines.

The product packages that we have been delivering to our clients with stellar results for years include channel customization & optimization, content creation, community management, community ads & landing page management, and creative campaigns for our clients’ brands on social media.

To date, over a hundred customers have purchased the product packages of Third Team Media to support their brand presence building, drive-to-site, brand engagement and activation efforts.

Some of the clients we have worked with include:



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Channel optimization & customization


The brand’s off-site channels should be customized to reflect the branding and to communicate to the audience that it is an official social media channel owned by the company. We will optimize and customize social media profiles for the company or brand in sync with the company’s own branding in order to make it recognizable and presentable on social media.

Benefits: Aside from improving your brand’s rank in search engine optimization, branded channels also mark your official home on the social network. It also helps establish an official source of information for customers who need information – email addresses, a phone number, your website – on the channel. The more accessible you are, the more chances your customer will find and transact business with you.

Channel content creation


Based on your existing brand collaterals and OPC (other people’s content), we create social media updates for your brand by curating snippets and content optimized for social media posting.

Benefits: Through content creation, this helps ensure that you have consistent ongoing updates on your channels to spark conversation and engage your audience. The updates are meant to either educate, entertain, or inform. This is perfect for busy managers who don’t have time and expertise to manage it on their own.

Channel community management


At TTM, we follow the Voice of the Customer Social Media Escalation Program to make sure that all incoming inquiries, comments, and communication from your fans are taken cared of, answered or escalated. We also monitor mentions of your brand keywords to address basic reputation management.

Benefits: With community management, we help your brand stay on top of customer concerns or audience queries communicated through social media. This also helps in taking a  deeper look into how your customers perceive your brand and what they want out of your company’s products or services.



With the set budget for ads management provided by the client, paid advertising will be made on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Google Adwords. Ads are optimized for best results and targeted to reach the right audience at the right place and at the right time.

Benefits: By running paid ads for your brand, the number of people who see your social media pages and its contents would significantly increase, leading to an increase in reach and number of likes. Advertising goals of the paid campaigns can also be changed according to the client’s needs, including driving direct traffic to your website. Ultimately, these ads will enable more and more people to be aware of your brand and its products or services.

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