When Real Life Takes A Step Forward

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Working in Third Team Media as an intern was one of the hardest choices I`ve ever made in my entire life. Not because of the company but because of the mere fact that the office is far from Iligan, so it involved a lot of financial and emotional preparation on my part.

I admit: I use social media but don’t fully utilize it.  I know marketing since it is my course but I still lack knowledge in digital marketing. So obviously, I am not quite well equipped for the job, but as I went along with my internship, I didn’t feel quite out  of place. The skills needed for the internship turned out to be quite aligned with my course, and I managed to adjust to the new environment just fine. Therefore, I think I’ve made the right decision. No regrets in choosing to work with TTM.
Our tasks at TTM were basically to create content to be pushed on three social media pages owned by the company. We were given tasks such as content curation and campaign creation. Since we always  did online tasks, not a single moment was boring. Everyday, we learned things, new trends, new updates —  not just in the Philippines, but all over the world as well. Truly, social media closes the distance between countries and borders. They say, the sky is the limit… Well, your internet connection is the limit now.
Before my internship at TTM, social media for me was just a portal for people to express themselves, share memories and brag to other people that they’ve been here and there. I also knew that other people use it to earn for a living, and now, as an intern for a digital marketing agency, I can definitely say that I am one of them.
All I can say to my friends who might be reading this is that if there are ads on your timeline or if the business is trying to reach you with their posts, don`t just ignore it. It’s not easy to craft campaigns that sell. The people behind it are working hard to make these contents available to you — the very least you could do is “like” or “share” it as your form of appreciation for all the hard work. This advice is coming from an intern who now sees social media in a different light, different direction and in a different perspective.
The #wicked team of TTM may be in a four cornered room, but the way they think, the ideas they create and what they can produce is so much more, far beyond the four corners of the office. Moreover, they are not just professionals who are good at what they do — they can be jokers, singers, dancers, artists too! Talk about being part of  fun company that loves what they do!
Behind the scenes at TTM, aside from work, there’s a lot of fun. Inside jokes, random songs, even more random foodtrips, and of course, the never-ending selfies and groufies that we always do after every event. Our dearest ates and kuyas at TTM, you may or may not read this, but thank you for the time, the memories, the fun, and of course, the food! Carren and I had a great time. We never really felt like we were working because we had so much fun working and learning from you. From the bottom of our hearts, again, thank you!
In closing, let me share this little tidbit with you: an internship is like a series of events in the future — a glimpse into what would be our life after graduation. Working to earn a living will not be easy. After all, nothing comes easy in the real world. But now that we have experienced how it is to be in the corporate world, I think it is best for us to go back go back to where we belong and where our strengths lie so that we can work on improving these for the future.
We loved working with TTM while it lasted, but for now, it’s time to face the music and work hard at school. ♥

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