Selling Content Like Hotcakes At My Internship

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Last summer, I was privileged to have my internship at a digital marketing agency, Third Team Media. This was an industry I had not previously considered as an Entrepreneurial Marketing student, and I felt worried about going into a field where technicalities, especially in content and digital marketing, reign.

Despite my tech skills gap, I pursued my internship with excitement and decided to focus on my strengths as soon as I started the work. After all, aside from interpreting consumer buying behavior, part of our duty as entrepreneurs is to use new and unconventional marketing practices to help emerging brands gain prominence in crowded markets. I was very excited to apply my skills through a digital medium, most specifically in social media.
During my internship, I was able to see how everything I learned in college worked in the real world. I managed three social network pages, each with their own specific brand messaging, campaigns and content to work on. Just like how traditional marketing operates, digital marketing also starts with segmenting the market, understanding the customer and positioning the products and services through great storytelling.
However, it does not end there. Digital marketers also have to make sure the content sells too, like how selfies are truly popular on Facebook. Though it’s very difficult to present the value of a tangible product and the excellence of the service without having the customer experience it, one can still provide customer satisfaction by displaying content that evokes emotion and creating personal connection with the audience.
Obviously, the best way to do this is to become a member of your target audience, put yourself in someone else’s shoes and speak their thoughts briefly. Yes, using simple words that create extraordinary results is my greatest discovery from curating and crafting content for the accounts I handled.
After much trial and error to see which works and which doesn’t, I learned that customers appreciate straightforwardness in your messaging. Brands are encouraged to pitch their products and services as if it were their last, to refrain from using complex language or jargon in posts for it may interfere with comprehension and slow down readers. After all, consumers appreciate content that they can easily understand on the go.
Since practically everyone checks their Facebook accounts more than once a day, it has become a go-to medium for digital marketers because of the convenience it provides. But how exactly do you get potential customers to click your ads and convert into purchases? Things like these left me puzzled and challenged me at my internship.
Nevertheless, in a relatively short time, I realized that essence of social media is knowing your audiences in and out and engaging them in topics that they love. 
With that, I’m sure that’s a surefire way to sell content like hotcakes. We miss you and the things we’ve learned with you on digital marketing, Third Team Media! ‘Till we meet again. ♥


The best team ever. Would love to work with them again! ♥

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