Social Media Influencers: Who Are These People?

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If there are TV celebrities, we also have social media influencers. They are important people online. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be talking about them right now. They are among the singular percent of the millions of active social media users worldwide. Since their population is rather small yet growing, they poised to be reliable ambassadors (or breakers) of brands.
Generally, social media influencers are those with above-average impact on specific groups. They appear as ordinary people when they fall in line to order a fastfood meal. One of them could be you, your employee, your neighbour, your blind date, or your best friend. But online, they are experts, influential, witty and honest.
Before brands approach them or invite them, here are some common characteristics of social media influencers that companies should remember:
Social media influencers are always “on”
We don’t necessarily mean 24/7. But this translates into the meaning that they are up-to-date with the trends and news about their niche, be it fashion, technology, travel, food, books, politics, etc. simply because they love what they do.
Their passion for specific aspects of their lifestyle motivates them to invest time, money and effort to start their social media channels and grow day-by-day their base of followers through word-of-mouth, social listening, events participation, and offline and online conversations.
They are also attached to multiple screens or devices to ensure they are connected and updated while on the go. They converse with subscribers and they consider keeping their followers informed a responsibility.
Social media influencers are responsible and respectful
They have their thoughts on issues within their niche and research on them thoroughly before forming their thoughts properly in, say, a blog post or vlog. When they present their thoughts, they do so clearly without violating the rights of other people and disrespecting universal principles.
They mention links and attribute sources and photos as well as put situations in clear and proper context. Not the type to waste words, they don’t beat around the bush. They know that it take years to build trust and one incorrect statement to break it. So influencers are extremely careful about what they are posting on their social media channels.
Social media influencers are creative and knowledgeable
While everyone else is posting the same topic, these social media influencers are looking at the gaps not discussed but they think should be.
They also frequently come up with creative ideas related to their niche and post something wittier, different or contrary to what most of the social media users write.
Influencers are also great at creating content that people can’t help but click and share. They might create this content through original thoughts, unique take on the news, turning information into spectacular visuals and videos, or blogging frequently.
Social media influencers are good at building rapport
They ensure that they are connected with their audience or customers. They communicate respectfully with them who could be interacting on different channels. As much as possible, they make sure they know who their regular followers are.
They like it when their audience leave a message or comment about their content. Interactions, after all, are among the metrics of the effectiveness of their posts as well as sources of topic ideas for future posts.
Social media influencers are persuasive
When they post something, their followers trust their opinion on issues or topics or brands. They have the ability to change consumer behaviour positively for brands. Motivating their followers to act is also their strength.
If your company wishes to strengthen its online presence, a pool of social media influencers should be a digital marketing strategy that should not be overlooked or pushed to the bottom of the to-do list.
To brands, our advice is to first get the backgrounds and interests of these social media influencers. Know where they are geographically and online, the social media channels they frequent and if their personal branding aligns with the company’s own brand. Interact with them. Reach out to them through their preferred platforms and allow them to experience your brand honestly.
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