Social Media Marketing: How To It Get Right

Social media is changing the whole world. Whether it be the revolution in Egypt or just a small act of kindness done by a retail store manager, social media possesses the power of changing how people think and interact with each other and if done right it has the power to change the image of a brand entirely.

I often tell people to not look at social media as a marketing medium, but to look at it as a solution. “A solution to what?” they ask me. Well it is simple, social media is the name of that cost effective solution which can help your business reach customers, prospects and other stakeholders directly. It gives you endless opportunities to reach out to a global audience and tell them about you, your brand and create value for your brand.

A study published in Social Media Examiner unveiled the following statistics from Social Media Marketers and businesses in 2012:

  • 69% of respondents (businesses as well as marketers) reported that social media marketing led to an increase in website traffic.
  • 58% reported lead generation was a benefit.
  • 40% reported increased sales attributed to social media efforts.

imagesSo there, you have it. Social media marketing doesn’t only have the power to enhance branding and awareness, when done right it can generate qualified sales leads, increase traffic to websites as well as increase sales.

Now to emphasize more on my point lets talk about Facebook, there are over a billion people on Facebook out of which 600 million are active users. What your business needs to realise is the opportunity that this social network provides you with. You have a world of audience waiting to be inspired, to be spoken to and to be given something to talk about. You have been given an opportunity to raise awareness for your brand without having to spend millions of dollars on it. All you have to do is get it right.

So how exactly do you get Social Media Marketing right?

The best thing I learned from my former boss was that if you want to see results and return on your investment, you must hire the best in the business.

best in businessSo to answer the question you can get Social Media Marketing right by hiring the experts! But who has the time, money and energy to hire a whole in-house Social Media team and then train them when there are so many core business activities that need your time and attention? The simple, not to mention smartest solution, is to hire a Social Media Management agency.

A good social media management company has a team of experts who have the knowledge and the skills to build business relationships between brands and their customers by leveraging and attracting them with content valuable to the business, engaging them with social media and over time, converting them to leads as they get to know and trust the brand, the products or services.

Outsourcing your Social Media has many benefits, first of all it gives you the freedom to focus on the more important stuff – your core business activities.

A good Social Media Management firm can help you with the following:

  • Increase awareness of your brand
  • Create a positive image for your brand
  • Rank higher on Google and other search engines
  • Enhance public relations and build an online community of fans and followers on channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn , Twitter etc
  • Help you provide better customer service
  • Generate sales and leads
  • Help increase repeat and referral business

Not only does outsourcing your social media management help you build a community and generate leads but it can also lead to a marketing competitive advantage as well as save you time, money and reduce risk for your company. This is where the value of an outsourced social media company like Third Team Media comes in. Get in touch with us soon for your needs.


You can achieve all of the above and more by spending only a small amount of money on outsourcing your social media management and nothing else. You will define the goals and your hired Social Media Team will be the one using their expertise to achieve those goals.

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