Social Media Should Be Your Company’s Best Friend

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Do we need to stress it out more? We think yes because there are still businesses who think that putting their name and address online is only what it takes to be known among social media users and they will come flocking and knocking on their doors overnight.
We noticed that these companies are often the small- and medium-sized ones that have the potential to become large enterprises ahead of targets if they just make social media one of their best friends, apart, of course, from efficient operations, sales and accounting.
Grow with social media
Some of them, especially those with conventional thinkers at the helm, are quite reluctant to invest in social media marketing. It could be because they are not familiar with the process flow and its positive effects on a company or they have not fully appreciated the dynamics of engagement or they fear the disclosure of data.
Whatever the reason is, we took it upon ourselves to help educate our clients and potential ones that social media is here to stay and grow. Any amount of reluctance can be an obstacle for a company on the track toward benefiting largely from social media.
Being in business is synonymous to being in a world of busy people, competition and innovation; thus, the struggle is real. But let’s take the perspective on a positive note. In happy and challenging times, a company may want a shoulder to lean on. That shoulder can come in the form of social media.
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Best friends for life
One of our recommendations to businesses is to make social media their best friend. Such a no-nonsense yet memorable and valuable rapport manifests of give-and-take relationship that benefits both the company and the target audience.
It is the role of the business to take care of their customers. It is only ideal that owners know where they are, which channel they should be and how to engage with them. This is the time the cliché “Do your homework” is said.
If you tap us folks at Third Team Media to help you out, we’ll get that pile of homework off of your lap and do it for you, giving you more time to concentrate on areas that sound irrelevant to social media (like internal human resources) but still affect your brand’s online image in one way or another.
Overwhelming statistics
Look at the statistics, for starters. We like showing these off. As of January 2015 (Source:

  • There are more than 3 billion active Internet users
  • Close to 2.1 billion people have social media accounts
  • About 1.7 billion people have active social media accounts
  • There are nearly 1.4 billion Facebook users
  • About 47% of all Internet users are on Facebook

This simply means that your target audiences are getting on board on social media. Since they are, you cannot afford not to be with them and cater to their request and demands. As small- and medium-sized enterprises, you can solicit the help of social media, your best friend, to be your:

  • ear and mouth to listen and address concerns, inquiries and complaints;
  • promoter to push promotions and special offers;
  • announcer to declare schedules and special business hours;
  • comforter to assure you that your posts are effective;
  • usherette to show customers the way to your physical stores;
  • cheerleader to welcome new customers and cheer on the successes of current ones;
  • informant to show you the kind of things your customers want; and even your
  • Mother Goose to gather customers together and celebrate stories about one another.

So here is one strategy with multiple platforms you can tap and make it work for your business. Sometimes, it still boggles the mind why some companies find it hard to make social media their best friend.
Interested to learn more about how to maximize the features of social media? Avail of our free 30-minute consultation today.
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