Stepping into the World of Digital Marketing

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Never would I have thought that I would step into the world of digital marketing, through having my internship at a digital marketing agency, Third Team Media. I, Patricia Faith T. Santillan, a Mass Communication student from St. Theresa’s College of Cebu, love and enjoy writing, but I never really trusted myself and my creativity to be writing for social media. Having my internship in this agency for just one month has given me a bountiful learnings that I would surely take with me in my future career.

I got a deeper understanding of digital marketing only during my advertising class, one of the majors I had to take as a Mass Communication student. It was never completely about digital marketing agency.

Through this company, I truly got a first-hand experience on what it would be like to be working under digital marketing, which is definitely not a walk in the park after all.

It may have seemed easy with a mindset to just be curating content for the posts of accounts or pages you handle but time will come that you will run out of words or content to write about, and your brain would just shut off and stop cooperating with you, which would not be one of the best feelings in the world, especially when you have deadlines to catch up on.

It is not possible to be working on everything on your own, for there will always be a team that would have your back. Not just in technical terms, but through this company, I have also seen how each of them really treat each other as family.

The company ensures that you are not left behind or left alone and makes sure that you are taught well about the tasks you have to undergo. Not only will they give you a briefing, the employees working in the company are approachable if ever you are unsure of what you are doing or about to do.

Since I am a Mass Communication student with very limited knowledge on digital marketing, I am highly appreciative of the company’s helpful and accommodating employees that made sure to help me adjust into the agency by giving me tips and techniques that I know will only help me improve.