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Imagine an online world of a billion people. They are active on social media and mobile messaging while you sat in one corner of that world. Your own picture depends on you—it could either be a lonely one if you are not tapping or poorly capitalizing on the capabilities of social media and mobile messaging or it could be bright and prosperous.
Almost everyone is already on social media and mobile messaging, be it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Viber, WhatsApp and many more. And it continues to embrace more people as each day passes. We’ll show you proof!
For now, as a point for reflection, why should you get into these two channels, regardless of the size of your enterprise? Simply because it all takes just one click. Social media takes one click for you to reach thousands of people. It only takes one click for you to get a touch of the world and see what’s going on minute by minute.
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Populated? Very!
In a recent survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, 36% are smartphone users who are into mobile messaging and 17% are using mobile messaging with automated deletion of sent items like Snapchat.
Companies whose target audiences are young adults of ages 18-29 will get the benefit of bringing their audiences a click away from them. And having 85% of adults enjoying internet usage and 67% of it as smartphone users, companies that take this mainstream tactic get an edge over all other companies.
As of today, Facebook is the most popular social media site which counts about 72% of all online adults.
There is a rapid growth of population for social media and mobile messaging. Statistics show that from the year 2012 with only 67% for Facebook, it has gone up to 72%. About the same growth goes for Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest. Twitter and LinkedIn, though, have slower pace of growth.
Are you “clickable”?
The communication that thrives in these two channels (social media and mobile messaging) helps maintain a strong and close relationship between companies and their audiences.
We can never take the fact that the world has slowly become digitalized with the advancement of technology, thus things become more convenient and accessible.
Are you in these two channels? Most importantly, are you even clickable? Are your mobile messages worth the customer’s extra efforts? Think about it—what is a very good (and don’t forget populated) platform if the execution is done poorly?
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(with Daryl Dizon)

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