Top 5 Social Media Channels Your Business Should Be In

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If you have a business and you want it known in order to get more customers, the traditional word of mouth these days is not sufficient. The increasing number of people turning to online (especially social media) to search, post and tag should be motivation enough for you to explore how social media can amp your word of mouth and, in the process, help boost your business.
For us at Third Team Media, we inwardly cringe when we try to post a photo of a, say, delicious dish and we could not tag the restaurant that provided that meal because it is nowhere on social media. When this happens, our digital marketing mindset often conjures the thought (while we find ourselves clucking our tongues and shaking our heads) that the restaurant just missed its chance to provide potential customers with more information and an exciting excuse to visit it.
Below, we listed five social media channels your business should be in. You may find yourself managing one or two of these recommendations but it wouldn’t hurt exploring the others in this list, especially if their population of users is growing.
FACEBOOK remains to be a popular choice among businesses. No surprise there, as this social media network features a population of more than one billion users globally. With Facebook being a strong domain, a business page on Facebook can rank well in the search results. You can also do many exciting things on this social media channel, including gathering reviews, running effective advertisements, managing communities, posting diverse content for your audience and for your business and integrate applications for contests, among others.
When you put visual and discoverability together, the output must be a fantastic video you uploaded on YOUTUBE where millennials and teenagers are eating videos for breakfast. Videos are a powerful tool—audio, visuals and a good and creative storyline can actually reinforce brand awareness and strengthen customer trust. When you have a series of videos that tackles a particular topic, you become an authority of a certain niche. Don’t take videos for granted; you can share them from Youtube to other social media channels, increasing the audience base for your brand and products.
While TWITTER is also a strong social media channel, you cannot compare it with Facebook. That would be like comparing an apple to an orange. Twitter can be your customer service desk. It has proven to be a successful one for many brands. On this channel, the communication is more direct and personal. Since Twitter is also good friends with Google, Twitter profiles often appear at the top of the search results. This increases discoverability of your business.
INSTAGRAM is a “delectable” social media channel. It puts visual content first. For businesses, this means that a channel with less clutter and more visual strengthens brand recall—and all the more when people follow you on Instagram. This app is a successful reflection of consumer behaviour (150 million users!): People are going mobile. You wouldn’t want your business to be left behind, right?
Do you have a product to launch? You might consider doing it on LINKEDIN. Statistics show that this social media network is most used for product launches among B2B businesses. You can also use it to recruit new talent, network with others, establish thought leadership and increase your brand’s search visibility. The key word you should remember, though, when you’re on Linkedin is professionalism.
You might think that managing five social media channels takes a lot of time. You’re right, which is why there is the option for you to outsource your digital marketing team for your business. If you contact us today, you will get a free 30-minute consultation.

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