Top reasons paid online advertising should be in your 2016 marketing strategy

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Your small business may already be leveraging inbound marketing to lure in visitors to your landing pages. You may also already managing social media accounts where you are engaging with existing and potential customers. But getting your small business discovered amid the clutter of the Internet can be a challenge.
This is like imagining your business as a small rock next to a large pile of rocks representing large brands and organizations. How could your potential customers see you when these massive rocks are blocking your way and hampering you from getting seen?
Seriously consider investing in paid online advertising. Many businesses, regardless of their sizes, have started putting money in for ad placements on Bing, Yahoo, Google Adwords, and Facebook to drive traffic to their websites in order to ultimately generate leads and conversions.
With the increasing potentials of the digital landscape, online advertising is fast turning into the most efficient and cost-effective solution to promote your business to a much larger audience.
Here are some reasons you should seriously consider online ad placements:
Right audience
The beauty of ad placements is that you can target the people who fit your customer profile. By “targeting”, you can show your ads to people with interests relevant to your services or products. Customer profile is not only limited to interests but can also include age, location and language.
With online advertising, you will know who you are reaching out to. This is its major advantage when you compare it to mainstream media like the newspaper whose target audience is very general in profile. When you compare the costs, paid ad placements online come out much cheaper and cost-effective.
Control and management
With online ad placements, you have control over how you spend your money. You have to option—and the flexibility—when it comes to spending your marketing budget per month, per day and per ad, giving you the ability to control your costs.
At the same time, you can manage keywords relevant to your products and services and where to place your ads. You can also fine-tune them and edit your campaigns whenever you need to.
Track and measure
When you have a billboard up along a highway, the agency can only give you a rough estimate as to how many people gets to see it, especially during peak hours. With online advertising, on the other hand, you have the ability to monitor the effectiveness of your ad campaigns and track which strategies are working or not. You can also track customer behaviour after he or she has clicked on your ad. You can also check analytical tools to know about the purchase habits of your target audience.
Ultimately, online ad placements can help you achieve the following:

  • increase the brand’s exposure and visibility
  • increase brand awareness
  • increase customer memory and recall of your brand or product

Consider putting online ad placements as part of your business’ marketing strategy for 2016.
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