TTM, The Memoriter launch new online media for B2B companies, marketers

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CEBU, PhilippinesThird Team Media (TTM) and The Memoriter Writing Service just pushed the online media to a whole new level by launching, a start-up media company with relevant content targeted for businesses, advertisers, digital marketers, and business-to-business companies. (TSJ) is the first of its kind that is based in Cebu, Philippines. It will be soft launched in October 2014.
Together, TTM and The Memoriter Writing Service will produce reliable content that will appeal to a global audience and help Cebu-based professionals and start-ups.
“Our team believes that there is a need for a resource that could inspire local digital marketers, marketing managers and solo entrepreneurs to discover both information and inspiration for marketing. That is why we created TSJ as a metaphor that reflects how inherently social a Pinoy jeepney is,” said Fleire Castro, TTM founder and chief executive officer.
She explained that in a Pinoy jeepney, passengers meet all sorts of people with their own stories. They meet vendors hovering about jeepneys, too. These vendors sell balut, orange juice, candies and peanuts. Some may tap the shoulders of passengers or make a funny spiel. Whatever the case may be, Castro pointed out, individuals can learn from their local marketing tactics.
digital marketingHence, The Social Jeep. We want to see how local marketing is in the Philippines. It may be the 21st century but it reminds us of the same ride we all took in the 80s or 90s. We need to hear your local marketing stories and campaign case studies. We hope you can ride on The Social Jeep with us and enjoy the trip,” Castro said.
Apart from being a reliable resource, will also be a venue for targeted business opportunities with other companies through brand partnerships and advertising., as a brand, will harness on the site the team’s operational framework and storytelling skills to deliver a consistently satisfying customer experience.
Inspired by and, staff is on a mission to create compelling stories from a local point of view, with topics that revolve around advertising, digital, marketing, and media in the Philippines and in Cebu.
“We discovered that this type of content is a need. We know of a lot of stories and case studies when it comes to these categories, most of them happened in the US or Europe or China. But who can tell us stories and case studies that happened in the Philippines and in Cebu better than those actually living in the Philippines and in Cebu? We have a rich mine of stories here about successful and not-so-successful businesses and initiatives. It’s time we discover them, for our own sake,” said Nancy Cudis, owner and managing director of The Memoriter.
Castro added that is a sort of documentary about the Philippines’ and Cebu’s business landscape, which is designed to inform, to entertain and to help—all at once.
TTM is a digital agency that helps start-ups focus their core business during the critical launch phase by providing high-value low-cost awareness campaigns. The Memoriter Writing Service is a registered professional service provider that writes content for companies, non-profits and individuals. #

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