We’re verified on Kalibrr!

By News

Third Team Media, our boutique social media and digital agency here in Cebu, PH, is now Company Verified on Kalibrr. It also means we are a registered business on the DTI Cebu Provincial Office. We have been registered since our founder started consulting locally in 2010.
We may be a small business but we have contributed to the PH economy via employment and skills development.
Through platforms like Kalibrr, we have recruited wonderful team mates who are taught to become data-driven to make sure that campaigns are actually working for our customers.

Our continued investment in skills development for employees and even interns will be our contribution to the growth of digital marketing talent in the industry.
Some have even been hired by other companies and communities or launching their own projects and applied their knowledge learned from us in the team.
Here’s a testimonial from one of our interns, Jane, on her article – When Real Life Takes a Step Forward:

I admit: I use social media but don’t fully utilize it.  I know marketing since it is my course but I still lack knowledge in digital marketing. So obviously, I am not quite well equipped for the job, but as I went along with my internship, I didn’t feel quite out  of place. The skills needed for the internship turned out to be quite aligned with my course, and I managed to adjust to the new environment just fine. Therefore, I think I’ve made the right decision. No regrets in choosing to work with TTM.

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