What the NEW NORMAL could look like for your industry

DIGITAL REBOOT – Proposed “NEW NORMAL” Alternatives for Industries. 

Listening to a tourism webinar online, I realized the DESPERATION from those of the travel and industry.

First off, I admire how professionals are trying to answer all questions and unease about the future of the industries despite some asking questions beyond marketing.

Everyone seems to be gearing up for the easing of the quarantine but don’t realize that it also opens risk for a second wave of the pandemic that they say could be worse.

Second, it’s a sad state we are in now but the reality is that it’s not just the tourism industry that will be going through what they call the “NEW NORMAL“.

With that, there are some possible digital pivots or solutions that companies or businesses can use.


In fact, some of the above segments have already demonstrated that it can actually be done. All it takes is the courage and the focus to find out the low hanging fruits and opportunities that can be executed within capabilities.

It’s similar to running a sprint in Scrum where you find out the goal and create a potentially shippable upgrade to your business plans that adjusts to these new normals.

To be fair, there’s nothing normal about what is happening now and we all wish we’ll be back to what it was soon.

Until then, we’ll have to find ways. And find it FAST.

Which solutions can be done for YOUR industry?

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